Staying Afloat - just...

My last blog was too long. That's the blunt reality - and if I don't ask for and listen to that type of feedback, I'll sink. I've spent nearly every moment of the last 8 weeks re-designing my business. One of our key values is learning. I've absolutely blitzed that one! I've studied more books, articles and research papers than ever and it's been great.

I've nearly sunk emotionally a few times though. And I still may sink commercially - but I'm ok with that. If I do go down, I won't wonder for a moment if I tried enough!

What? You say....Don't be thinking like THAT...

Most of the time I'm not. I am full of all the grit and determination, perseverance and passion that you know me for. BUT - I am real, I'm an emotional person and I, like everyone else, have my bad moments.

Easter saw me fall in a hole - of all times! I had worked non-stop for 3 weeks and then, determined to enjoy a family break, I let the side down. Yep - there were tantrums and there were tears into my pillow. Of course there were beautiful moments too. But I was in COVID Struggle Town.

I'd spent three weeks passionately redeveloping my content for an on-line audience, offering free w

ebinars to peak bodies that I've done work with - looking for any way that I could successfully bring the important work I do in the mental wellness and leadership space to supporting cultures through this mess.

I was there - I was ready - and there was plenty to do.... just no idea whether any of it would lead to paying client business.

I've been asked what I did that Easter and my answer is simple - I tried to follow my own 'Stress Stairway' advice. I put one foot in front of the other and got lots of rest (not to mention losing myself in my favorite hobby of cooking for an army of teenagers).

Would you believe - it worked!

I've not allowed myself to overwork since then. I'm working really hard and getting great feedback for our webinars and I'm thrilled with the early progress of our 8 week learning and engagement series.

One of my proudest achievements is the work I've continued to do with the Seafood Industry in SA. Our regional Mental Wellness workshops were to commence in late April in regional SA. We've managed to get support and agreement from multiple peak bodies, funding bodies and stakeholders to take the program online. We launched the whole thing online with more supporting tools than were ever part of the project. The feedback has been really positive and we now hit repeat for 5 weeks to see if we can get practical tips to as many employees and leaders and their families as possible. There's 7 organisations steering it and close to 20 peak bodies playing along - and everyone is just getting on with the job. An amazing and rewarding collaboration. The program is called 'Stay Afloat' - and it's been more than once this last 2 months that I've had to remind myself to do just that!

As our regulations lift in the weeks to come - spare a thought for industries like our fishing industry. The types of sudden changes in regulations we've all experienced this year are not uncommon in their world - and so this has been a double whammy!

Enjoy your weekend, eat some seafood, and most of all Stay Afloat!

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