Are you masking morale?

This week we've seen how quickly the COVID landscape can change. No sooner has Melbourne finally opened up, than we find one of Australia's 'safest' COVID cities hit with a scary and sudden COVID cluster. I'm reminded how quickly things change and the need to adapt.

Tomorrow morning I'm delivering a workshop titled "Managing Morale in the New Normal" in partnership with Showcase SA. At the heart of that workshop will be the conversation about how the 'New Normal' requires vigilance and adaptability. We must continue to show the care, support and empathy for our teams that we were compelled to show during the various lock-downs of the last several months. To fail to do so will undo all of the good work so many organisations have done to date.

We'll be sharing insights into a number of studies that have shown the best pathway to high engagement and morale is by building psychological safety into the heart of the organisation. We'll dive into a world first research project carried out at Google and we'll share plenty of practical tips.

Because the workshop has been moved from in-person to on-line, more last minute tickets have opened up. To get yours click here

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