When my purpose isn't yours!

In this fast-changing world, many organisations are focussing on more than making a profit. Global multinationals from Ikea to Unilever are exploring and declaring their reason to exist as the major driver for growth. Many of the most promising start-ups are also being built on what’s currently identified as ‘purpose’.

A clear purpose gives employees direction; it provides the framework for defining values, behaviour, organisational strategy and workforce structures. As individuals, so many of us are in the pursuit of life fulfilment, growth and happiness. We are reading, watching and attending conferences and workshops, so many of which focus on achieving fulfilment. Many of these activities are framed as opportunities to engage with our 'why' - our purpose. We look to find our ‘why’, to how to craft our own personal purpose statement. It’s evident that it’s not just companies that have ‘vision and purpose’ – their employees do too!