2020 - The Year of Implementation for Practical Performance Improvement

As we enter our fourth year of creating great places to work, the team at Culturise have reflected on the way that our work has grown and re-shaped.

There are 3 key things that companies keep telling us

  • Our people are struggling with constant change

  • We have the strategies but, we struggle to embed them

  • We don’t have enough time or resources to implement change well

The reality is this – whether it’s diversity and inclusion, safety, culture and values or strategic implementation – there’s a common thread. Change is all around us. Change is difficult.

We can’t intend change into action

2020 is the year that Culturise will lead the way in making change easier.

Success requires practical and practiced habit change.

Our people strategies tend to live in silos. We continue to compartmentalize our people and culture goals and strategies under the traditional ‘top-down’ planning approach. A colleague once said to me – we first need to get our leadership development program launched, and then we can look at diversity and inclusion and performance management. People argue that Work Health Safety initiatives and HR initiatives are separate. The order of change is typically ‘Strategy followed by Tactics followed by implementation’. The implementation is delivered first to senior leaders and they are expected to (sometimes with training support) implement via their next level managers and so-on. We have spent 2019 reviewing, learning about and trialling a different approach based on 2 key shifts in thinking:

  1. Strategy implementation requires the practice of behaviour change and development of new habits

  2. The same practical tools can be used to develop new habits across multiple people functions at once.

Ask yourself:

  • Can you have a safe workplace without inclusion?

  • Can you drive accountability without empathy?

  • Can you lead well without challenging yourself to understand difference?

  • Can you increase productivity without soft skills?

  • Can you provide motivation without understanding the individual’s purpose?

  • And finally – can you excel at any of these, without practice?

We are excited to be increasing our investment into The Culturise ‘Hack’ Kit. What’s a hack? A simple way of solving a more complex problem, usually more quickly and efficiently that traditional means. We have a growing kit of hacks – all are practical, impact multiple elements of team culture and are simple and easy to learn.

We encourage you to think about how you might program your 2020 to consistently and cost effectively improve safety, leadership, performance management, diversity, inclusion, accountability and productivity in your people and teams this year. All of the the tools in the Culturise Hack Kit have multiple impacts across the various people functions and all of them are simple to train an practice! Based upon a combination of science and our own evidence base, we know that our hacks delivery through leading practise and results. Read on to see a summary of our most popular ‘hacks’.

1. Reality of Change – a powerful session opener. We present insight into the pace and breadth of world and local change. We then utilise latest research to show relevant industry change and outlooks relevant for those in the room. Through storytelling we challenge our participants to consider who they want to be in the face of change. #change #leadership #inclusion #growthmindset #wellness

2. The Stress Staircase – a simple tool enabling employees to reflect on the various levels of stress they find themselves in at work and in life. We take the journey down the staircase as stress impacts and symptoms take us lower. We then use a range of practical tools to bring ourselves back up to the top of the stairs – that’s where the good stress lives! We create language to make early conversations about stress is the norm in a workplace. Helping us get conversation happening and comfortable before we get to the ‘Are you okay?’ stage. #mentalhealth #wellness #productivity #planning #psychologicalsafety

3. The Neuroscience of Habit – explores the way that habits are formed and the reality that habit change is tough. We provide science-based reasoning giving credibility to the challenge of habit change and practical considerations as to what it takes to develop habits. We explore the intersection of goals and the steps we need to take to achieve them. #change #growthmindset #productivity #inclusion #safety #wellness #leadership

4. Evolution to Outcomes – explores the way that humans have evolved with the very important ‘fight or flight’ defence mechanisms and how these play out in modern society. Applying the principles, we have evolved with our responses to change and challenge we explore where these defence mechanisms may not be serving as well. We explore the concept of an ‘outcomes mindset’ towards practicing responses and behaviour focused on the outcomes we seek. #growth mindset #productivity #leadership #change #productivity #teamwork

5. Listening Two Ways – commonly sits alongside Evolution to Outcomes and provides us with a context for focus and listening – to others and to ourselves. #leadership #inclusion #safety #wellness #teamwork #inclusion

6. ADAPT – Science and people and culture leaders are increasingly looking to adaptability and developing adaptive cultures. This hack provides insight into the way that adaptability supports cultures change, inclusion, resilience and accountability. The ADAPT framework developed by Culturise enables leaders to bring common language and quick, team driven responses to adversity and planning for change. #change #adaptability #agile #growthmindset #leadership #inclusion

7. Healthy & Happy workplace – a really simple activity driven towards employees reflecting on what makes their workplace happy and healthy. Highly interactive and results in teams defining the positive elements of their working life and considering how they can increase focus on those elements in the face of change and challenge. Workplaces are provided with a piece of wall art with their team themes to enable them to keep the themes present and alive.

8. Psycho-safety – an educational on the difference between psychological health and psychological safety in the workplace. Drawing on research and future predictions leaders and teams explore what these terms mean and how to ensure they are contributing to a psychologically safe working environment

9. Difference Is the New Normal – A 2020 take on Diversity. Participants explore current commonly recognised groups that are considered to be marginalised. We challenge what we consider to be ‘normal’ versus not. Participants develop a deeper understanding around stereotypes and the biases that lead us to take certain views.

10. Diversity is Not Charity – A dive into the statistics and business case behind a diverse and inclusive workplace. We provide practical tools to help businesses consider how they might overcome current pre-conceptions around marginalised groups and how to explore opportunities to hire more diversely – in a way that adds commercial and cultural benefit to their organisation

11. The Culture Deck – One of the most practical and versatile tools for an inclusive culture. The Culture Deck provides a framework for deeper understanding of individual’s values and their interpretations of them. Whether used in recruiting, onboarding or in team workshops, the Culture Deck enables conversations that increase expression and inclusion. Leaders are facilitated in a simple conversation that guides them to lead more inclusively. Peo

12. Skill and Will – in keeping with Culturise’s commitment to practicality, the Skill and Will framework takes high level performance KPIs into practical measurable behaviours that can be reviewed monthly and quarterly. As the name suggests, improvement plans centre on whether ‘Skill’ or ‘Will’ is the challenge in performance of work inputs. Resolutions require the commitment of employee and line manager in collaboration to achieve growth and improvement.

There’s a number of ways that we can bring these constructs to you:

  1. A habit hack – a short workshop aimed at engaging the neuroscience of habit change and motivation and delivering 1-3 hacks for teams and leaders to start using straight away.

  2. A journey – a tailored programme that focusses on a strategic cultural outcome. It might be inclusion, engagement, line manager leadership skills, implementation of existing strategy, change transition or wellness. We select the tool(s) to meet your needs and design a programme in keeping with your time and budgetary goals with clear, measurable outcomes.

  3. Workplace health habit – a monthly or quarterly workshop as part of your organisational routine that takes 1-3 tools per session to keep your teams focussed on growing their ability, knowledge and most importantly habits in being an integral part of a growth culture.

  4. Non-corporate professional development – for those that wish to embark upon their own development journey, we will be offering a monthly membership structure that will include a webinar, online 1:1 coaching and more. Starting in March, register your interest now!

I am travelling to Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in the coming months, so shout out if you’d like to discuss a workshop whilst I’m in your area! e-mail me at

or call +61 408 008 344

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