Upcoming Learning Adventures

  • Culture Beyond... The 'C' Word - 12 week leadership challenge - Starts July
    Mon, Jul 20
    Leader's growth series - $95 p/w
    Jul 20, 2020, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM
    Leader's growth series - $95 p/w
    Lead your team for a continuously adapting culture of high performance. Weekly investment of $95 per person
  • Staying Sane in Times of Uncertainty - 12 week adventure - Starts July
    Mon, Jul 20
    Remote learning series - $95 per week
    Jul 20, 2020, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM GMT+9:30
    Remote learning series - $95 per week
    Professional and personal development adventure for working people. Includes weekly group webinars, plus personalized support and heaps more
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Innovate, chunk and embed

The theory of 'chunking' helps us understand the need to provide learning in 'small chunks'.  Learning arrives in our working memory and needs to be embedded into our long term memory to stick.  Using the science of chunking combined with neuroscience of habits and motivation our remote learning ensures maximal memory uptake and therefore learning value.


Practical Habits for Adaptability, Inclusion and Performance

High performing cultures are driven by engaged, included, safe, motivated people.  People motivated to build habits of adaptability, leadership, accountability and inclusion.

The world is changing at an alarming pace.  We've been helping individuals and teams ADAPT using our innovative and practical toolkit for years.  There's never been a more important time to look after our people,  focus on culture and adapt to change.    



Our philosophy of inclusive, practical learning

Change is one of the few constants.  Whether we are developing leaders, engaging teams, practicing inclusion or improving our safety and wellbeing.  To deal with change, we must have the tools to change our own responses - our habits.

Culturise engages employees at all levels in practical ways that ensure they chose engagement, understand the tools they have and support eachother in growing, adapting and ultimately performing.

Our unique approach particularly enables leaders to more simply and effectively embed new team behaviours  to deliver strategic change without losing focus on the practical need to deliver upon business as usual results.



Chief Culturiser - Leader and innovator in practical tools for creating great work cultures

Having led diverse teams for over 20 years, Jo has used her experience and a wide scientific research base to develop innovative tools for embedding culture change in organisations.

Her work spans across a variety of industries and regularly proves to have immediate impact due to the highly practical tools and unique Top Design, Whole of Crew methodology.  

Working with Jo will leave you with high performing teams, a self-sustaining culture and a better bottom line.



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